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Shree Vagad Graduates’ Association (SVGA) – Medical Wing

Shree Vagad Graduates’ Association (SVGA) – Medical Wing

Everyone in these tough times like COVID – 19 (Novel Corona Virus) Pandemic going through a difficulty in access of needful services like Doctor’s Consultations, Medical treatment etc.

SVGA Medical Wing comes with this unique idea of helping the people through Telemedicine/Online Consultations (HAPPY TO HELP)

A group of SVGA Healthcare Providers have come ahead to give selfless and free consultations and treatment.

Do refer in need and forward it in your family and friends group of Vagad Community.

We salute the ideas, efforts and inputs given by everyone to make it possible in these crucial period.

Thank you

Shree Vagad Graduates’ Association (SVGA) – Medical Wing

List of Doctors and Contact Details - Final SVGA List of Doctors (Online Consultations) with Disclaimer (HAPPY TO HELP)

Corona Virus Alert