About Us

About SVGA

SHREE VAGAD GRADUATE’S ASSOCIATION has been formed to bring together the graduates and facilitate better Coordination and Cooperation among them, thereby extending and expanding Shree Kutchi Vagad Visa Oswal Samaj’s horizons. Our association will strive to develop a stronger and more positive approach toward higher education in our community. Our desire is to spread such awareness in our Vagad community that each and every person should feel and demand that “Higher education is my Birthright and I will get it”.

This is an appeal to come together and step into the 21st century with confidence. As you are aware with the approaching millennium, the world and humanity are undergoing a ‘sea change’- not a single aspect being left untouched as we attempt to become part of ‘The Global Village

We not only have to keep pace with the fast-changing times, but also be radical if we are to survive and, then outpace others. If we do not, we will be caught in a time warp’ and emceed therein, left behind to wait, watch and regret forever, whilst the world surges ahead.

True, our VAGAD community is undergoing a transformation, but too, too slow, we have a very long way to go to catch up and time is running out on us too fast.

Colleagues; does our ‘community’ not have the potential? the caliber? the strength of purpose? We certainly do! We have only to channel our efforts and energy, by coming together. ‘Strength lies in Unity’. This is an appeal to all graduates and postgraduates to join SVGA, as life members, an Association formed in 1994, to enable our community to go ahead and launch into the mainstream.

What SVGA does do?

  • This Association of graduates and postgraduates aims to encourage and promote higher education in our community.
  • It also seeks to provide a common platform for promoting meaningful interaction among the intellectuals so as to mold them as an agent of positive change.
  • Through its year-round itinerary of seminars, workshops, discussions, contests, and educational excursions, it provides ample opportunities to its members to enrich their personalities & broaden their outlooks.
  • Seminars on taxation, the Internet, capital market review, first aid, etc., keeps members updated on the latest information they need to know, thus promoting self-development.
  • It seeks to enhance the working capabilities of the members with the aid of workshops such as “Alfa Mind training’ on improving brainpower & memory.
  • Competitions such as the ‘Healthy Baby Contest” promote awareness of vital issues such as childcare in a spirit of fun and education.
  • Quiz and Personality Context (Abhivyakti) brings out the hidden talent in our community.
  • Seminars & workshop like Aptitude Test and Carrier Counseling helps students charter their future plan.

SVGA seeks to promote the concept that learning can be fun. Education does not have to end with graduation or post-graduation. It helps the members to respond to environmental impediments and opportunities effectively, efficiently, and expeditiously as an overwhelming requirement for continuing excellence.

With the cooperation and support of each & every graduate and postgraduate of our community, we will strengthen our resolve and efforts to remain in today’s mainstream. We thus request you to join SVGA and through its aim and objectives, enable our community to go ahead, set an example, and pave the way for others. Do spread the word to your fellow colleagues.

Aim & Objective

  • To conduct programs and get-togethers of the Graduates of our Community.
  • To promote Higher education and to encourage today’s youngsters to develop a positive and constructive approach and instill leadership skills in them.
  • To set up a full-fledged Information and Guidance Bureau.
  • To Increase the number of Graduates and aim to have a minimum of one graduate per family.
  • To build a pool of Graduates, who can provide proper guidance to our community, and to young students, who can benefit from their knowledge and experience.
  • To facilitate overall individual and professional development by conducting seminars on legal, taxation, and general subject.
  • To establish a successful and constructive blend of the educational activities of various associations in our community.
  • To spread general and medical awareness among the whole community.